There are 5 Directors of World Peace Tyneside CIC.

My background covers a multitude of rich experiences of life, which have driven me to this point of unleashing my passion and compassion to facilitate empowerment for all souls who seek inner peace, to live their truth in love, happiness, harmony and unity.

I care deeply about our beautiful earth and her survival from systematic destruction and abuse and for the continued suffering of the human race and animal kingdom.

The concept of World Peace Tyneside is to raise awareness of these issues to help enable self empowerment in order to bring positive peaceful changes into the lives of individuals, families communities and the corporate world. This positive impact upon Mother Earth will become an indestructible power of unified love.

Joining World Peace Tyneside and sharing our vision of Peace will send out a clear message of compassionate action and establish with our hearts that World Peace begins with Inner Peace.

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Christine Peek 07817 289 535

I began my soul journey in 2014 and over 2 years with help, i have transformed into my true self.

I am being me, my true self, my true identity, I trust myself, I love myself, I accept myself, I believe in myself, i have stepped into my power.

I have the power to help you transform you into who you are meant to be, I can teach you how to be your true self and love your self, accept yourself and how to let go and go with the flow.







Paul Tallentire 07967 359 299

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Ron Reynolds

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Chris Reynolds

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