Words For Peace



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“PEACE already is…..it is we who are engaged with everything else.

When we engage with PEACE…..we get the perspective of everything

else being put in its right place.”

John Smithells

WORLD PEACE ..is the most natural thing, since;

All of these cultures and religions are beautiful flowers in one vase

turned to the same Light

Rudd West

                                         Who Am I

                            I Am You and You Are Me

                           I Am a Being of Violet Fire

                         I Am a Being of Rainbow Light

I Flow with the Rivers and Blend with the Seas and Oceans

                            Into the Cauldron of Love

               I fly with the Wind and Grow with the Earth

                    Evolving to Fruition of the Greatness

                      Of All That Is and All That Will Be

               My Journey Is Vast and Now Is The Time

                                 To Share it with Thee

                  I Am The One I Have Been Waiting For

             You Are The One You Have Been Waiting For

                                   Let It Be ~ Just Be

                                        By Christine

                                        Softly Softly

                                    Before You Think

                                Soften Your Thoughts

                                     Before You Look

                                    Soften Your Eyes

                                    Before You Speak

                                    Soften Your Lips

                            Before You Give Your Heart

                                     Melt Your Soul

                                 Into The Sea Of Love


                          Peace, Love and Humanity

                           Hope, Kindness and Care

                        Let Happiness and Laughter

                         And Compassion fill the air


                            Give to those around you

                            No matter whom they are

                              and make a wish upon 

                           The North’s brightest star


                           This is what I send you 

                       As a thought this winter time

                               To hope in 2014

                        For a world that can unite


                       And build upon the dream

                          Of many people past

                   For peace, love and humanity

                       To remain and everlast.

                                     By Louise



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